The Enhancing Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability in Higher Education in Africa (EEIS-HEA) – project, 2017-2021, is a collaboration between 5 universities in Africa and 5 universities in Europe.

The overall aim of the project is to initiate sustained educational change in the 5 African universities, redesigning ‘best practice’ curricula with regard to contents, approaches to learning and teaching and methods of delivery.

One study program in each university will be redesigned to induce better entrepreneurial and innovative skills and better recognition of sustainability issues relevant to society in the candidates. Student centered learning and E-learning will be main approaches to enhancing the skills.

The project takes a training of trainers approach and involves a range of employers and public and private organisations in the redesign process. Academic staff from the European Universities will provide the initial training, with the application of the same learning approaches and a wide application of cross-regional networks between Tanzanian and Ghanaian universities. The training is followed up by development of strategic plans at the institutions. Read More…..